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A. VERBS: Fill in the blank with the correct tense/form of the verb in parentheses. Auxiliary verbs and negative forms are possible. Put any other words given in parentheses in the correct position. Do not add any non-verbal forms. (13 points)

1. - Where’s Jenny?
- In the living room. She _is reading____________(read) a Harry Potter book.
2/3. Paul_hasn’t cleaned_____________________ (clean) his room yet, but tomorrow
he is going to do __ (do) it with his brother.
4. Don’t drink___________________________ (drink) that tea! It’s very hot.
5. Julian _isn’t often____(often/be) aggressive, but when he plays tennis, he’s like a tiger!
6. My husband _______does____________ (do) the housework every weekend. I leave him at home and go to thecinema with my friend.

7/8. Tom _is running_______________(run) because he wants __to catch__ the train.
9. -How long _have you studied______ (you/study) here?
-Since January.
10. - I _didn’t see____________(see) Pepe at the café yesterday. He was at home.
11/12. _Can/Could you give ______ (you/give) me your email address, please?
I ‘d/would like________________ (like) to send you somephotos of my house.
13/14 - _Have you ever eaten______________ (you/ever/eat) paella?
- Yes, I once _had_________________ (have) a very bad paella in Glasgow.

B. ARTICLES/SOME/ANY: Fill in the blank with A, AN, THE, SOME or ANY if possible. (5 points)

1/2. - Can I have ____some______ milk, please?
- I’m sorry. We haven’t got _______any_____ milk.
3. Is there______a________ computer in yourbedroom?
4. London is on ___the_________ River Thames.
5. This glass of water cost _____a______ euro.

C. PREPOSITIONS: Complete with a correct preposition if possible. (6 points)

1. My sister is very different _______from______ me.
2. Give __ -- ___ me your money!
3. What do you do _at/on____ the weekend?
4. We changed ____--____ planes in New York.
5. James often arrives late____for___ class.
6. I saw my teacher ______on_______ TV last night!

D. MULTI-WORD VERBS: Complete the sentences with a verb from the box below and add the correct particle. (4 points)


1. I want to ___go back__________ to my own country soon.
2. I _wake up____________ early on Saturdays, but I stay in bed and read a book.
3. __Turn off__________ the radio! I don’t want tolisten to it.
4. Grandmother is upstairs. __Go up_____________ and see her!

E. QUESTION FORMING: Write appropriate questions for the following answers.
(12 points)

1. _Whose are those shoes______________________? They’re my husband’s.
2.__When are you going to visit Paris______________? Next week.
3.__Do you want/Would you like some chocolate___ ? Yes, please.
4.__Who’s that?_____________________________? My best friend.
5.__Who was ill last week______________________? Patrick was.
6.__How often do you have a shower_____________? Every day.


i) Fill in the blank with ONE word using the initial letter given.
(4 points)

1. My flat is really hot in summer because I don’t have air conditioning_.
2. I don’t put butter on my toast; I prefer oliveoil_____.
3. If you don’t want to queue__ for tickets, buy them online.
4. First we ate paella and then we had ice cream for dessert___.

ii) Choose the best option for each blank and circle the letter. (4 points)

1. My children have a hot ___ at school every day.
a) menu b) meal c) plate d) food
2. He’s a ____ .
a) political b) politic c) politician d) policy
3. Hurry up! I don’t want to___ tonight’s TV programme.
a) lose b) fail c) miss d) be late
4. I like ___ exercise in the mornings.
a) doing b) making c) playing d) going

G. TRANSLATION: Translate into English. (12 points)
1. –What’s Jenny’s cousin like?
- She’s quite pretty. We’re going to go out with her tonight/this evening.
Do you want/Would you like to come?
2. When did you last buy a book? / When was the...
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