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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2012
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Was going to be married, Ricardo head over heels in love. His girlfriend and the harnessed up to the seconds to fall in love with increasingly by means of the hope next to be performed. The wedding would be in May, and when not always beyond any obstacle that banning the happiness of these boyfriends. As they approached the expected and happy date is crossed one terrible event,Ricardo came to him a letter which said that one would have to go for an undetermined time Mar to within since this was a sailor.
We already know what happens on occasions such as these. The bride had suffered attacks of nerves and syncopation, shed tears that ran down his cheeks up to your chest, or soaked handkerchief of the pocket, in the last few days that Ricardo was unable to proceed tothe side of his beloved, swore that in spite of the distance would remain in contact, and the wedding was postponed for the return. Ricardo never ducked his duty.
Always wrote that he could, with beautiful letters for his beloved absent, all this he did every time that boats were going to land, stealing time from your rest and holding discomfort with their elders, everything toward for notimpatient to his beloved.
Ricardo was mistrust of his girlfriend for this reason placed to a friend as a spy for her. But each time that gave her report said that he spent isolated as a widow, which happy Ricardo because he knew that his girlfriend if what he wanted and not looking for love in no one else.
In a day of storm unexpectedly Ricardo crashed into the sea a shark protester by its leg,fortunately his friends collected and tried to cure. Transferred the wounded to the hospital, seeing that he had shattered the bone of the leg with complicated fracture and serious. The doctor gave his fault; he could only save an amputation above the ball. Without anesthesia Ricardo resisted the operation with open eyes, and saw the scalpel touched upon its skin and muscles, such as the sierra cut in thebone until you reach the marrow and as his right leg, bloodstained, already dead, was carried to the burial. Not breathed a cry or a whine, only, in profound pain, bites a piece of cloth from his shirt torn.
According to the surgeon, the operation had been a success. There was no fever or infection, healed very well and soon. Ricardo did not take long to practice with a wooden leg, this he didwhile responsible one in Germany with the latest advances.
In writing to his girlfriend from the hospital, only spoke for a slight injury. Did not want to worry her or scaring. Even so, only the alleged wound so alarmed the bride, that his letters were screams of terror and demonstrations of affection.
Those tender and simple pages, which should bring comfort to Ricardo, you caused a deepconcern. I thought I would be at every moment that I was going to return, to see his beloved, and that she would be with indifference. Since it was not the sailor of svelte figure and walks resolved and elegant. It was an invalid, an unhappy useless. Bid farewell to their days as a sailor, say good bye to waltz, say good bye to run that strengthens; you would have to live sitting languishing in inactionreceiving a handout of love or pity, granted by charity of her misfortune. Ricardo, in taking their first steps supported on the strut, it is imagined that the impression would have his girlfriend when seeing thus mutilated. Looking in the mirror was found in his face traces of the suffering, and he thought of the noise of the dry wooden leg on the stairs of the house of his future wife, away atear of anger that arose from their eyes. To avoid both suffering requested paper and pen and wrote a brief letter of rupture and eternal farewell.
Two years passed and Ricardo had to return to the city where i love and i hope. After 7 days of necessity had to go toward your ex girlfriend but by surprise before arriving she was leaving her house supported the arm of a man: her husband which was...
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