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BASIC 2 Oral Test 1 contents
1. What color is your hair? What color is your partner’s hair?2. How long is your hair? How long is your partner’s hair?
3. What color are your eyes? What color are your partner’s eyes?
4. How tall are you?How tall is he or she?
5. How old are you? How old is he or she?
6. Do you wear glasses? Does he or she wear glasses?
7. What areyou wearing? What is he or she wearing?
8. Who is…? Which one is….? (based on a picture)
Unit 10
1. Have you______ yet? (had breakfast// checked your email//watched tv)
2. How many times have you ________ this month? ( gone dancing// studied for a test// been to the cinema// eaten pizza)
3. How long have you______? (studied in Duoc//Lived in your city// Been with your boyfriend or girlfriend// Worked at …// Played a sport or instrument)
4. Have you ever______? (eaten sushi/ eaten milcao// sung in a karaoke// lost yourcellphone// ridden a horse/ ridden a motorcycle// driven a car// seen a live concert)


1. Describe yourself
2. Describe another person.
3. This month(September): activities you HAVE and HAVEN’T done.
4. This year (2012): activities you HAVE and HAVEN’T done

Unit 9 Instructions
Student AYou are asecurity guard in Fantasilandia. Your partner has a missing friend. Ask him/her questions to describe the missing friend. *questions about your partner | Student B You are in Fantasilandia. Afriend is lost and you can’t find him/her. Ask a security guard for help and describe your friend. Base your answers on the picture. |

Unit 10 Question – answer based on activities.
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