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What qualities do you think are important for a doctor to have?
First of all must be a real friend of humanity, with a great capacity for compassion and a willingness toserve early. The selfish, calculating, have no place within the medical profession.
You must be a man or woman of science constantly renewed. "It is inconceivable for a man who was devoted to medicineto fool with it, to simulate services are worth. It is saving medical patients, to help at least. And ignorance is not helping it, is knowing. That is the requirement if a physician must be honored andnot a merchant. "
Along with science, you need to possess adequate professional competence, ie the ability to apply knowledge to particular cases has to be presented.
Careful professional dignity,which entails first true self-respect. Life must avoid scandal or license away and suspicion that might fall on him.
Must possess good powers of observation. Note is to focus attention on somethingin order to perceive it as presented.
Learn to perceive the abnormal phenomena that occur, relate to the anatomical and physiological element and determine a correct diagnosis.
By the very nature ofthe profession, in which calls are urgent, unforeseen situations, irregular meals and rest, the physician must be in possession of a healthy body.

Have you ever done role playing? No
If so, whatrole did you take? I don´t know
How did it make you feel? Quizzical

Review the culture and vocabulary list. Wich words and phrases are medical terms?
All words and phrases are used in the medicalsphere.

As you read the article, look for other medical terminology.
Diabetes, congestive heart failure, arthritis, hip fracture.

Find two synonyms for illnesses.
Disease, illness, sickness,disorder, malady,

What complaint do patients often have about doctors?
Lack of compassion.
What may be the cause of this problem?
They´ve not really had a chance to...
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