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Have a nice weekend

Lesley is going to have party next Saturday night. She´s going to invite karen´s friend. She´s making a list of guests right now. Afterwards, she´ll write the invitacion andthen plans the games and drinks. Karen and a friend of hers are discussing the plans for the weekend.
Karen: At this time next Saturday. Lesley will be very busy.
She´ll be preparing therefreshments and some spirits with her twin sister. Brad, her boyfriend, will be straightening up the living room and moving the furniture.

Brad: What time will the guys be arriving? Because I don´t want tobe early and be the first one at the party.

Karen: I´ll go at nine. I need to go to a beauty shop first and get a hairdo. Besides I need a manicure too. And guess what? I bought Beauty products Isaw on display in one of the showcases.

Brad: Come on, Karen. Can´t you think of anything else but make up and all that stuff?

Karen: What´s wrongwith that? We all women are this way, but forgetit, let´s talk about the party.

Brad: Okay, I´ll bring lots of music to the party, there is a CD I want to borrow from Mike. It´s an English band but I don´t remember their name.

Kare: Oasis?Brad: Exactly, there will be singing and dacing, everyone will have a good time.

Kare: I can wait to go there on Saturday. And what about the picnic on Sunday? We are going to anyway, aren´t we?Brad: yes of course. We´ll have lots of fun. We are going to Lake-of-the-wood.

Karen: Fine. I´ll take bread, meat, chips, pickles, fruit, cake and coffe. We´ll buy some ice cream and a few colddrinks at the lake.

Brad: By the way, there are some boats at the lake.

Kare: But Brad… none of my friends like boating, they get dizzy. Why don´t we do something else instead?

Brad: Okay, afew of us play the guitar so we can all sing.

Karen: Is there any entertainment at the lake in the evening?

Brad: I´m afraid there isn´t any entertainment. We´ll have to entertain ourselves. My...
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