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The condition of the streets, the correct illumination, and signalization are many important things to prevent the accidents, but for example, in our country the distractions arethe principal reason of the car accidents.

The distraction is provoked to the big cartels which are in the big avenues, or the much publicity of the commercial centers, or the publicities inthe highs, etc.

The accidents are the result of the great visual pollution to which we are exposed, without our attention.

The visual stress has as effect that the driver doesn´t giveattention to the semaphores or the signs of traffic, and distract his attention. Especially in the night, when much of these cartels are iluminated.

The conduction has three important things:The recognition of the risk.

The knowledge of the maneuver that it is necessary to realize.

The execution of these actions in the indicatedmoment.

The problem, which is the visual pollution, affects these three points, but other problem which exists is the legislation (Traffic Law Nº24.449, and the Decree 779/95) establish thatin the cities, the publicities, only can be on the highs of the signs of traffic, and not to be on these or monuments, trees, etc.

In the rural zones or highways the publicities have to beout of the ways or the safety zones.

The attention is an ability of the human brain which permits center our body in an action. The publicities are dangerous because one distraction in thisattention provokes that the body lost the concentration and realize incorrect actions.

For example, a vehicle at 100 km/h crosses 28 meters in one second. This shows us that if the driverrelaxes only a second to see an publicity, it´s very probable that the result is fatal for the occupants of the car, or for other drivers.


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