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If It's the first visual style that you install, you need to patch the system to use third party visualstyles.
Use a software like Uxstyle Core ( to do it.

1. Use the visual style like the others:
Place the content of the folder "Visual Style" toC:\Windows\Resources\Themes
2. Open the folder named "REQUIRED Fonts", select all, right click on one of them
and click Install.
3. Return to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\ and openCurved Beta.theme or Curved Beta Shadow.theme
They are different versions of the visual style with different window borders.
4. Wait for the visual style to be applied.
5.To replace the start orb, use a program to replace it like Start Orb Changer
( I didn't tried it but it should work, don't ask me for help)

The visual style uses arevolutionary system for centering the taskbar applications.
Please note that (because it's not a default windows option) if you move the taskbar from bottom/top to a side,and again to bottom/top, windows explorer will crash.
That's not a problem, because it will be re-opened, but if you want to move the taskbar from bottom to top or vice-versa,you need to change the option from the properties of the taskbar.
This method is experimental, and it has to be used for all the vailable resolutions, and may not be good forsome desktop resolutions.
The visual style is created by Steel89 and is property of it's author.
The visual style, the other files and the resources containedon them can not be extracted, edited and shared without a written authorization from the author.

Thanks for choosing it.
Steel89 (
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