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  • Publicado : 12 de febrero de 2012
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“In Police Training, a Dark Film on U.S. Muslims”

When I read this article, my first impression was “Wow”. The article tells about this video that was showed to a bunch of police officers, whichcontains a series of images that are cruel, for example a Muslim terrorist shooting a Christian, car bombs exploding, executing children, showing an Islamic flag flying over the white house amongother things. And I said wow because the main objective of the video is not good at all. The video mentioned in the article was shown to more than a thousand of police officers as part of training. Iguess when an officer goes to a training is to develop his techniques and skills, to bring peace and calmness to the people, so I don’t think that a video like that could help to make a better officer.My opinion is that this kind of videos work hardly in the minds of those individuals, and as a result of it, they could became racists, they create a bad profile about the citizens that practice thatreligion. The main task of a police officer is to protect the commons citizens from bad things, and not all the people Muslim are bad or terrorists. There was a series of orders requesting anexplication but the system just ignore them. In the article I can note that the principals purpose of the realization of this video was political. When mention terrorist attacks in the video the direct peopleto deal with it are not the police officer but the secret service and homeland security, so there’s no reason to display videos with this kind of content in training or any other task because it makeno good. This video creates a bad perception over the Muslim that live on the US.

My approach is simply, to make better officers and better being humans all they need is reasoning, respect for theother, integrity and I want to end my response with the same words that the article end, “Few Muslim leaders are good” so the system has to know that exist a lot of people Muslim that make good to...
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