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INULIN Premium, Raw, Organic, Powder / Liquid
FUNCTIONAL PROPERTIES • Raw (Liquid Inulin) The process temperatures are below 118 °F, therefore, the nutritional properties of the agave are preservedand the syrup contributes to the strengthened of the immunologic system. • Prebiotic activity Because the inulin is not digested by the human being, it helps to the fortification of the intestinalflora; in addition it promotes the development and establishment of bifidobacteria, which help to have a better digestion. • Bioavailability It increases the bioavailability and therefore the absorptionof calcium and magnesium, which is translated in clear benefits to health, like the fortification of the bones and the reduction of the probabilities of developing osteoporosis. • Low glucose levelsDuring the normal digestion of the inulin important amounts of sugar are not freed, reason why the insulin and sugar level in the blood does not rise considerably. RAW MATERIA Agave Tequilana WeberBlue Variety. • Soluble fibre The inulin is highly soluble in water, reason why it can contribute to lower the levels of cholesterol and glucose in the blood. • Neutral flavor Thanks to its highsolubility, purity and neutral flavor, the inulin is used to give a better texture to beverages, in dairy product elaboration or even in direct form as fibre of vegetal origin. • Low caloric value Because thehuman stomach does not digest the inulin, its caloric contribution is very small, reason why it can be included in the diets to take care of the weight. • Fat substitute Due to all characteristics,the inulin also can be used in the elaboration of candy and ice creams, since it is a way of replacing fats in these products.

PRESENTATION Powder: Bulk: Sacks of 20 o 25 Kg. Liquid: Bulkpresentation: - 1,350 kg tote, 250 kg drum, 25 kg canister. Bottled presentation: - Boxes with 6 or 12 PET bottles of 660 g each. - Boxes with 6 or 12 PET bottles of 330 g each. - Boxes of 4 gallons of 5 or...
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