Ionic bond

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Josue Molina

Once upon a time in the lates 1990s there live two intelligent students who live indifferent states of the united states, Na(Andres) who lived in south California and Cl(Yaneth) who lived in Florida. They were enteringcollege and they have on mind to attend a university in Texas.
Later, when they met in a physic class their love arise at first sight andthen they found they were the perfect match.
After that when they graduate from college they decide to made a chemical reaction usingheat that causes electrons to transfer from one atom to another know as ionic bonding which leads to NA to gave a (+ )charge to CL and CL becomea(– )charge ,which then causes a third substance to form resulting in sodium chloride (SALT).Next, Due to Na job they move to Canadawhere they face many peer problems and they determined to separated for a while were they no longer have an attraction that eventually arise aseparation between them.
Then, NA was extremely sad for the absence of CL which instigates NA to fail into a deep depression .thedoctors diagnostic tell him that the only way to survive was with the affection from his lovely CL. Finally when the news arrive to CL she decideto came back again with NA were they join together again and they move to Florida where they live happily ever after in their own atom-dise.
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