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Often we think that what causes jealousy is triggered by external factors. This is a popular mistake. Whilst we are all of course affected one way or another by what we see and hear, the route cause of jealousy is always internal, 100% of the time.

But learning what causes jealousy can be a difficult thing, personally, but there is a systematic approach to learning why you feel the way you do.There are many things that cause jealousy and as many people have discovered often when it's too late to fix it, the cure is not going to happen externally. Jealousy is often triggered by low self esteem or self image. The basic equation is that our entire world is filtered through our perception filters. If we have a bad self image, or don't feel highly about ourselves then our filters arecorrupt. Things we see on the outside are changed and our emotional reactions are misplaced.
Situations where you may experience feelings of jealousy
You may get jealous in any of the following situations:
* when someone flirts with your girl
* when someone achieves something you've been wanting but haven’t done so yet
* when someone you hate succeeds
* when someone manages to getsomething and you don’t think they deserve to
What are the causes behind jealousy?
If you think that you got jealous because of the way he talked to her or because of the way she smiled at him then you are wrong; jealousy, like most other emotions, is rooted internally, so a big part of the problem lies within you not as an extension of external conditions or circumstances. The following arepossible root causes of jealousy:
* Jealousy root cause #1:
Lack of self confidence: The main cause behind feeling jealous is your doubting your abilities or skills; if you're one hundred percent sure of yourself, you'll never suffer any jealousy feelings or even if you do, they'd be brought down to a minimum.
* Jealousy root cause #2:
Poor self image : Having a poor self image is anothercause of jealousy; if you think believe you look bad or that you are not that handsome, then chances are you'll be experiencing feeling of jealousy whenever you meet someone more good looking than you are
* Jealousy root cause #3:
Fear : One of the root causes behind feeling jealous is being afraid; this fear can be a fear of ending up alone, a fear of being shamed or a fear of losing the loveyour partner is providing you.
* Jealousy root cause #4:
Insecurity: Feelings of insecurity are the result of the two previously mentioned causes; a poor self image and a lack of self confidence Feeling insecure about a relationship can be a strong reason for you to get jealous.
The intensity of jealousy differs according to the situation
If you hate someone, you'll be most likely to bemore jealous of him upon him achieving. If you don’t hate him so much then chances are the degree of these jealous feelings will be less intense. On the other hand, if it's someone you like who's managed to highly achieve, then you're not likely to feel jealous at all even if he's achieved higher than you have.
Jealousy and invading the private space
When someone becomes jealous he may start toinvade the private space of his partner in such a way that results in relationship dissatisfaction for the one whose private space was invaded. In my book The ultimate guide to maintaining a healthy relationship i explained how acts like insisting on knowing your partner's passwords can make him/her dissatisfied and can ruin your relationship. Unless you have a strong evidence that proves that yourpartner is cheating on you don't ever invade his private space even if you were feeling jealous.
Jealousy; a friend or foe
The only thing jealousy is capable of doing is making you feel bad, ruin your relations or simply fill your heart with hatred. Upon feeling jealous, don’t go pick fights with others and blame external factors; fix yourself and these feelings of jealousy are bound to...
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