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Behavior Plan

Behavior Plan Red Light:
1. Green: Student kept all the class rules
2. Yellow: Student broke a class rule.
3.Red: Student broke two or more class rules.

Each student begins in Green each day. If a student doesn’t follow the rules receive one verbal warning. If thestudent continues to have difficulty, the teacher may move them to Yellow and the student loses 5 min of recess or any other play time. If the problem continues and the studentis not following directions or breaking the rules they move to Red and lose 10 min of recess.
To be firm and consistent in situations when the child is not followingdirections is showing the child that you are the adult. And be consistent and firm on the student if the student is not following your directions in a professional way wherethe student will follow your rules and stay on Green.
Using Positive enforcements on the student is easy to nix behavior problems. Children learned that when theybehave in a certain manner, the teacher reacts in a certain way that’s when you stay firm and say “No” to the child or “Stop”. Being in a preschool setting and using positiveguidance is a great area as a future teacher to learn. I haven’t used the Red light behavior plan in the preschool lab that I’m teaching in now, but in my other experiencesas a future teacher I have used a behavior plan, when the student began to have a temper tantrum the main teacher taught me to let the student cool down, and breath, but makesure the student changes their card to Yellow or Red to teach them that they have broken a rule. I’m looking forward to use the Red light plan later on in the preschool lab.
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