John f. kennedy conspiracy theories

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John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy
There have been many conspiracy theories about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. President Kennedy was assassinated as he traveled in an open top car ina motorcade in Dallas, Texas, at November 22, 1963. Harvey Oswald was arrested within two hours after the crime for murdering a policeman. At 1:35 AM on Saturday, he was arraigned for murdering thepresident. Then Oswald was shot when he was transferred to the county jail. In 1964, the Warren Commission said that there was no persuasive evidence that Oswald was involved in a Conspiracy toassassinate the president, and that he acted alone. The HSCA also concluded that at least four shots were fired, and that there was high probability two men fired at the President.
Conspiracy theories:More than one gunman:
The FBI found that Oswald’s rifle, could be fired by an experienced shooter only three times within five to eight seconds. The Warren Commission determined only three bulletswere shot: one missed the vehicle; one hit Kennedy and passed through Governor John Connally; and the third was the fatal shot to the president. In addition, the trajectory of the bullet, which hitKennedy above the right shoulder blade and passed through his neck supposedly, would have had to change course to pass through Connally's rib cage and wrist.
By one count, 35 witnesses,some 32% of those who were eye-witnesses to the shooting, thought that the shots were fired from somewhere in front of the President, while 56 eyewitnesses thought the shots came from the Depository, orat least in that direction, behind the President, and 5 witnesses thought that the shots came from two directions.
Suspects in Dealey Plaza other than Oswald:
Numerous witnesses reported hearinggunfire coming from the Dal-Tex building. Several conspiracy theories posit that at least one shooter was located in the Dal-Tex Building due to witness accounts and other coincidences including the...
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