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This is the church of Carmen
From 1626 it begins to make use of the church. Its facade was inspired by the San José de Ávila in Spain, and the cloister andthe frontispiece are classic examples of that style.

This is the cosmovitral
The Cosmovitral inside treasures in a beautiful botanical garden he can seeplants from around the world.

that is the Museum of Fine Arts
Located in the former convent of the Discalced Carmelites, which was built in 1697.that's the government palace
was built from 1872 to 1883 on land once occupied by the cemetery of the Franciscan Convent of the Assumption, City of Toluca, atthe initiative of then Mayor Don Jesus

Principio del formulario
Final del formulario
that is the cathedral
Located at Avenida Independencia and NicolasBravo, in downtown Toluca. It is built on the ruins of the old convent of San Francisco

this is the palace of justice
the construction of the Palace ofJustice in the State of Mexico Toluca work was done abatement of the water table by pumping wells and the construction and retaining walls Incada basedprecast concrete.

these are the portals
The portals provide a character a Toluca very distinctive, and now constitute a particular interpretation of the ideaof the mall, walking and meeting facilities of all kinds.

that's the science museum
is the largest museum of the Mexican Republic

that is the acousticshell
acoustic shell is told because it has a shell shape and in some events that will be there as toluca make singers (people) or clown shows, etc.
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