Knowing knew places

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  • Publicado : 30 de agosto de 2012
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Knowing knew places

Last holy weekend, my family and I went to Nicaragua with the purpose of bring the national papers of one of my aunt (she was born there). We arrived early to the borderlinebetween Nicaragua and Honduras, and went through the custom “Guasaule”. It was not as I expected, it was like those little houses made by some people near the road to Omoa, not those big places that weusually see in movies.
We went to the city of Managua looking for those papers, it was a beautiful place, everything was sort of decorated but with a very hot climate. People were very kind with ussince they notice were tourist. My dad heard about the Momotombo, one of the Nicaraguans volcanoes, which is located between Managua and Nagarote. He thought it was a good opportunity the see one,since we needed to go to Nagarote because he did not found them. We didn´t get to close to the volcano or to the place that was designed for tourists. We saw from far away from it, we could appreciatethe areas of the volcano were lava passed and also walk over a kind of barrier to ovoid that water invade an abandoned house.
We started asking a man
“How tall was the volcano?”, but he did not knew.My dad decided that it was time to leave and when he tried to open the he noticed that my mom left the keys inside the car. He was really frustrated. But a window of the car was a quite opened, heasked a girl for a knife, tape and a long and strong stick. H used those materials to open one of the doors, so we could get in the car and open the other doors. He was laughing of my mom and askedher:
“You were scared, weren’t you?” ,she was really mad at him so she did not answered.
We also visited some parks, restaurants and a historical place. But we leave soon, and came back to Honduras,by the custom of “Las Manos”, and stayed a few days in the Gulf of Fonseca.
It was beautiful to see the ocean, and the statues of crabs, seahorses, turtles and other animals in the park.

We had...
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