Kyo's introduction in kof sky stage

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-“My flames… turn into bullets!!”

-“Hmm…I can’t believe I dreamt of those things….” mumbled Kyo Kusanagi whojust woke up from a nightmare.

The small in-flight monitors on the plane were showing an old cartoon in which people endowed with super-powerswere facing off against a great danger.

-“Hmm….it’s because of that!!”

Kyo changed to other channels but it was only news about “mysterious casesof fighters’ disappearances”

-“…it has nothing to do with it”

Kyo turned off his monitor, and then looked casually out through the window.From there he could see an infinite sea of clouds.

-“It’s been ages….”

After the end of his fight against NESTS, Kyo was finally going backto Japan.

-“Well, what shall I do after my return?”

Kyo, with a sense of relief, had his mind crossed by many thoughts and ideas.

-“I canfirst go out for lunch with Shingo… No, before that…”

Kyo closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

When he woke up, his normal daily life wasawaiting him…

However, men in black suits were waiting for Kyo at the airport.

-“You’re Kyo KUSANAGI, right?”

-“What would you do if I washim??”

In the twinkling of an eye, the place was filled with Kyo’s excitement and oppressive aura.

Overwhelmed under Kyo’s burning aura, the menin black suits answered:

“We are servants of the Yasakani…”

Kyo couldn’t believe that he’d have to fly again soon after his return in Japan.