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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2011
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The Hummingbird That Lived Through Winter

This story is called, The Hummingbird That Lived Through Winter, written by William Saroyan. This is a story about an old and blind manDikran and a hummingbird. The narrator, a young boy, sees Dikran standing in the middle of the street and he calls the boy. He asks, “What is this thing in my hand?” and the boy answers, “Ahummingbird.” When Dikran finds out that the hummingbird was dying, he feeds him some honey to make the hummingbird be healthy again.
When I lived in Hawaii when I was young, mysister and I found an injured lizard in our front yard. Its tail was cut off and its leg was bleeding. My dad helped us moving it to the box and we brought it to our house. We fed it and tookhim to a vet and kept him until it got better. When his tail was fully grown and his legs were fine, we let him go in the bushes.
People these days treat people who are not like usreally badly. In this story, villagers ignore Dikran because he is a blind and old man. Actually, he is very warm-hearted and a good person. He cured the hummingbird and helped it to findits way home. Like our old bedtime stories, good and sweet things can bless you some how.
The similarity between an old man and a young boy is that they are both very kind and sweet,both very sweet enough to cure a little hummingbird from a tree. Difference between those two characters is that Dikran is very old and poor, but is very kind and sweet. The boy is veryyoung and he isn’t blind like Dikran.
The hummingbird symbolizes a little hope to both of the characters, especially in Dikran’s life. Dikran is very lonely each day, as he gets olderand older, hummingbird and a boy is like his new hope. It means like a friend to Dikran. Because of a hummingbird, Dikran met a young boy and a young boy found out how kind Dikran is.