La enfermedad

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Evaluation and assessment
Golden Rules
* Grading is a process to the institution, Grading is not a goal neither for the student nor for the teacher.
* The grades are used only for theinstitutional documents; in class students need rubrics and comments.
* The tests should never include a grade, tests should include comments that match with the class standards and criteria in order tostudents know the status of their processes.
* The students’ duty is to learn, so they need to work in conscious way to mastering the objectives.
* As a teacher is my duty to be clear andto give enough parameters in order to make my students succeed.
* The testing activities have to be present in every single class, not at the end, but during the activities.
* Students need toknow what are they doing well and what they need to improve.
* The students need to know how a test looks like how they need to answer.
Summative - formative tests
(Tests given at the end ofeach unit)

In this kind of tests you can so both, grading and comment students must receive comments in order to know how well is their process going and, on the other hand, you can grade on yournotebook in order to make easier the grades report of each academical period.

Rubrics and formative testing

The rubrics are going to be used mostly as a formative tool, however, depending on thegroup and the activities objectives, the teacher can do summative processes, but only to institutional purposes, it means that students are not going to receive any grade in activities in which theparameters were fixed by the rubrics; on the other hand, students must know the rubrics to make, at the end of each unit, an auto evaluation in which they are going to know what they did, and what theyneed to improve.

Steps to write tests
* Establish the assignment and the rubrics according to it.
* Establish a topic or concept.
* Establish the objectives of the lesson (taking into...
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