La granja de los animales

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Vanessa Lopez
Mr. Michael
English II
22 November 2011
Animal Farm Essay

Adolf Hitler and Napoleon from Animal Farm by Gorge Orwell seem to be alike in many ways. They are alike because both,Napoleon and Hitler, are cruel, have similar ways of controlling techniques. But they also have some differences. In the period that they were ruling they were cruel. For example both of them starvedtheir people. “Food allocation was organized around databases, allowing Germany to starve the Jews” ( They were cruel because if they really cared about their peoplethey would not let them starve. They would also be eating the same amounts of food and in many occasions both dictators were offered better and bigger amounts of food. Both of them also tortured theirpeople. Napoleon would make the other animals work extra hours while he would rest all day, and Hitler would kill the Jews even though he was part Jew. “He was trying to kill all Jews because of theirbeliefs and because he felt that Jews were not as good as Germans.” ( They were being unfair to their people because Napoleon did not have to work, and Hitler would bekilling people like if it was nothing, because anyways they were not getting hurt.
They also had similar controlling techniques. Both dictators would scare people. For example Napoleon wouldslaughter other animals in front of other just so that they would think that he would kill anyone on the spot so that made them afraid. “They were all slain on the spot.” (Orwell 84) When two sheep hadconfessed to have peed in the drinking pool and also confessed that they had also killed a ram just because snowball had told them to. He though that they deserved to be punished and it kind of worked inhis advantage because that gave him an excuse to kill them and make other animals be afraid of him. Hitler used the Gestapo to scare people into doing what he wanted.” ( He would...
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