La leyenda del gigante

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  • Publicado : 9 de junio de 2011
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The Legend of the Sleeping Giant

An Ojibwa Legend
If you stand on the shores of the city of Thunder Bay, you can look across Lake Superior and see a great formation of land known as the SleepingGiant. Mystery and legend surround this strange phenomenon of nature. A tribe of Ojibways lived outside of Thunder Bay, on Isle Royale. Because of their loyalty to their gods and their industrious andpeaceful way of life, Nanna Bijou, the Spirit of the Deep Sea Water, decided to reward the tribe.
The Great Spirit told the chief about the tunnel that led to the centre of a rich silver mine. Hewarned that if the Ojibway tribe that the silver carried a terrible curse. If they were ever to tell the White Man of this mine, Nanna Bijou would be turned to stone. The Ojibway soon became famous fortheir beautiful silver ornaments. The Sioux warriors, upon seeing the silver on their wounded enemies, strove to wrest the secret from the Ojibway.
Torture and death failed to make the gallantOjibway tribesmen divulge their secret. Sioux chieftains summoned their most cunning scout and ordered him to enter the Ojibway camp disguised as one of them. The scout soon learned the whereabouts of themine.
One night he made his way to it and took several large pieces of the precious metal. During his return to the Sioux camp, the scout stopped at a European trader's post for food. There, withoutfurs to trade, he used a piece of the stolen silver to pay. Two white men, intent upon finding the source of the silver, filled the scout with firewater and persuaded him to lead them to the mine. Justas they were in sight of "Silver Islet", a violent storm broke out. The white men were drowned and the Sioux scout was found drifting in his canoe.
A strange thing happened during the storm. Wherethere was once was a wide opening to the bay, there now appeared to be a great sleeping figure of a man. The Great Spirit's warning had come true and he had been turned to stone.
Today, partly...