La llorona

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  • Publicado : 2 de junio de 2011
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linda cancion de beirut
this is one of the most awesome songs ever,

and i love that it envolves part of my culture, La llorona is actually a folk tale about a woman who lost her children andgoes every night into the streets screaming, "Ay mis hijos, (Oh my sons)."

DanBur94 hace 8 meses 52
beirut is like good literature.

it explores other cultures and other times and bringunderstanding and depth to my own life in the process.

other music is empty and wasteful; like reading Twilight
La llorona isn't just for mexico, there's a story like that in every latinamerica country,here in colombia the tale says that she killed her own childs to stay with a guy she loves but then he goes away and she feels sad and stupid so she kills herself and god makes her go down by the riverlooking for her childrens as a punishment

plastilina000 hace 5 días
@johnpsmith84 well i think theres a different version for every region in mexico, ive also heard that the real one is about afemale aztec priest; In the city of tenochtitlan before the Spanish came, there was this female priest who acted like a "mother" to the aztec people, and suppossely she had a vision of what was goingto happen to her "sons" and she went out of her temple everyday screaming " ay mis hijos!"

I heard that version in a museum, but as i said every region has its own version

DanBur94 hace 2semanas
@DanBur94 as if no one knows that stupidass

misteriomusical1fan hace 2 semanas

juanpiyu666 hace 2 semanas
love it!!! and also it sounds to me like spanish holy week'straditional song called saeta!! i'm also from México!!

balamhuitzilli hace 2 semanas
@amarajabara I think you should listen to Antony and the johnsons... it seems you like good music, and antony ispure art in music and lyrics, a true genius.. listen to Cripple and the starfish - probably most horrifying and beautiful song I have ever heard, makes every person cry when you read it, specially when...
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