La mineria

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Amanda Labarca
Amanda Labarca She is born Santiago of Chile, December 5, 1886 was an out-standing teacher, writer, feminist, ambassador and Chilean politics. His work was orientated principally tothe improvement of the situation of the Latin-American woman and to the feminine suffrage in Chile.
It was born in Santiago of Chile. They were his parents Onofre Pinto and Sabina Sepúlveda. SanIsidro dealed his first studies in a college of the street, in Santiago, and then it continued his education in Isabel Le Brun's Lyceum of Pinochet.
In 1905 it was entitled of teacher of the State withmention in Castilian, gone away from the Pedagogic Institute of the University of Chile.
In 1910 it travelled to The United States to continue studies in Columbia's University, and in 1912, in France,in the University of The Sorbona, to specialize itself in school education.
It joined as militant in the Radical party. In 1922, he presented a project to improve the civil, political and juridicallaws of the women, who inside the Civil Code of Chile were restricted, (fight that will continue until the end of the century).
There achieved the year 1925 the approval of a Statutory order known asLaw Mace (for the name of the senator Jose Maza) that it restricts in the Civil Code, the attributions of native legal authority of the father, in favor of the mother; the women are enabled to testifyin the eyes of the law, and authorize the woman married to administer the fruits of his work.
Since educator Manuel of Rooms stimulated, in 1932, the creation of the Experimental Lyceum, for theformation of the educational futures.
She was one of the founders of the National Committee pro Women's rights, created in 1933, together with Elena Caffarena and other women.
Renowned ambassador in1946, for the government of the president Gabriel Gonzalez Videla, as representative of Chile before the United Nations, and boss of the section Status of the Woman.
She was also a literary...
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