La piedra

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edition of the play, Pirandello provided a foreword clarifying the structure and ideas contained in the play. It played in 1922 on Broadway at the Princess Theatre.
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An acting company prepares to rehearse a play, The Rules of the Game by Luigi Pirandello. As the rehearsal is about tobegin the play is unexpectedly interrupted by the arrival of six strange people. The Director of the play, furious at the interruption, demands an explanation. The Father explains that they are unfinishedcharacters in search of an author to finish their story. The Director initially believes them to be mad, but as they begin to argue amongst themselves and reveal details of their story he begins tolisten. While he isn't an author, the Director agrees to stage their story despite the disbelief amongst the jeering actors.
After a 20 minute break the Characters and the Company return to the stageto act out some of the story so far. They begin to act out the scene between the Stepdaughter and the Father in Madame Pace's shop, which the Director decides to call Scene I. The Characters are veryparticular about the setting, wanting everything to be as realistic as possible. The Director asks the Actors to observe the scene for he intends for them to act it out later. This sparks the firstargument between the Director and the Characters over the acting of the play, with the Characters assuming that they would be acting it out seeing as they are the Characters already. The Director movesthe play on anyway, but the Stepdaughter has more problems with the accuracy of the setting, saying she doesn't recognize the scene. Just as the Director is about to begin the scene once more herealizes that Madame Pace is not with them. The Actors watch in disbelief as The Father lures her to the stage by hanging their coats and hats on racks, "attracted by the very articles of her trade"....
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