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  • Publicado : 19 de agosto de 2012
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Academic English

Teacher: Walcoy Rivera

Fanny Rubi Alvarez Maldonado

Group 122 ID: 1587682

Monterrey, NuevoLeón.

21 Mayo 2012

Adjective Clause | Vocabulary | Rule | Example |
Relative Pronouns as Subjects | WhoWhichThat | 1.-Can be singular or plural.2.-Make the verb agree with the antecedent.3.-Usewho and that for restrictive in people. And use who for nonrestrictive.4.-For animals and things use that for restrictive and which for non restrictive. | I have not study with that book that my momgave me. |
Relative Pronouns as Objects | WhomWhichThat | 1.-You can omit that in object pattern clauses only.2.-Use whom for object and who for people.3.-If we can remove the subordinator and havesense use whom instead of who only in the cases of people and if it is restrictive. | I like guys whom have a good sense of humor always. |
Possessive Adjective Clauses | Whose | 1.-The relativepronoun whose replaces a possessive word such as Mary’s, its.2.-Can follow the subject or object pattern.3.-Some writers feel that whose should be used to refer only to people and for things use ofwhich. | We visited a museum whose art collection is valued at ¥300 billion.   |
Relative Pronouns as Objects of Prepositions | WhomWhichThat | 1.-Are formed in two ways, the formal way and the informalway.2.-In the formal way the preposition and relative pronoun are together at the beginning of the clause.3.-In the informal way, the pronoun comes at the beginning and the preposition at the end ofthe clause. | The address from which I bought the laptop is incorrect, I think they cheat me. |
Relative Pronouns in Phrases of Quantity and Quality | Of whomOf which | 1.-Can follow either thesubject or the object pattern.2.-They are always nonrestrictive; that is, they are always with commas. | Puerto Rico attracts thousands of visitors, most of whom come for the sunny weather, the...
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