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* That is: when an upwelling of fluid may be liquid or gas at a given speed is converted into a bed of particles suspended and consolidates a sprawling mass have many properties of aliquid.
* Main components | * Main Classification |
1. Fluidization column 2. Uniform section 3. Distributor 4. Fluid delivery system 5. Pressure measurement system 6.Temperature measurement system | 1. Particulate fluidization 2. Aggregative fluidization 3. Bubbling fluidization • Theory of two-phase fluidization 4. Turbulent fluidization 5.Circulating fluid bed 6. Continuous fluidization |

* Main applications:

1. Development of cracking (cracking) catalyst in the fluidized bed.
2. Synthesis of acrylonitrile (gas-solidreactions).
3. The combustion of coal in fluidized bed.
4. Mineral tanning.
5. Drying of fine solids.
6. Gas Absorption.
7. The incineration of sludge from wastewater treatment.8. The calcinations of limestone.

Advantages | Disadvantages |
1. The fluid flowing through the bed vigorously stirred in the solid. 2. The mixture of solids ensures that there is atemperature gradient in the bed even with strong exothermic or endothermic reactions. | 1. There are uneven contact of the gas and solid. 2. High rate of agglomeration of solids, increased fines altersthe conditions of operation. 3. The erosion of the inner parts of the vessel, bringing the loss of fine particles. |

Design | Selection |
1. Fluidization vessel a. Fluidized bed zoneb. separation space or leeway c. gas distributor 2. feeding of solids or flow control 3. solids discharge 4. dust separator for exhaust gases 5. instrumentation 6. gas supply | 1.different temperature regimes 2. mass transfer coefficients and heat characteristic set 3. the variables introduced by the reactive power flows 4. Loss of load and balance of forces in the bed 5....
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