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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2012
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Chandler is trying to say sorry to Joey due he kissed his girlfriend Kathy. They are preparing the dinner for Thanks Giving, Chandler passed 8 hours trying to say sorry to joey by the phone but therewas no answer and Joey was hanging out the phone over and over again,.
Monica and Phoebe they had made a Business but there was no Money, so they will have to do Secret Santa and only buy one giftand guess who gave it.
Rachel got sleepier watching that parade and bored about all the process about the turkey so she decide to go to sleep, than Chandler ask Phoebe if she has Rachel for SecretSanta for Exchanging her because he wants Rachel for Secret Santa and Phoebe was so exited because Rachel will Exchange the gift of Chandler and not the one of here. After Chandler knows that Rachel willprobably Exchange his gift he doesn’t want her any more, by the way Monica is opening the freezer but accidentally she gets ice in her eye and she needs to go to the doctor but she cant go becauseher eye doctor is Richard her ex boyfriend so Phoebe calls to the doctor representing her and her eye and she asks for Richard Burke but he is not there so Monica is exited to see the supplement ofRichard.
Phoebe needed to call her mom so she leaves in charge everything to Chandler because Monica is not there and she is the Chef and she is in charge.
Than Ross had Monica for Santa and forHanukkah so he ask Chandler if he wants to exchange, and Chandler wanted to Exchange to have him and it was so nice for Ross but he doesnt’t want anything girly so he decide maybe he can Exchange with Phoebebut she has Rachel so its not a good idea.
Ross go with Joey and he talks with him for a while and then Joey thought they Could be best friends and than Ross tell Joey you know what i’m going to soas a best friend I will ask you to go to talk with Chandler.
Chandler is With Kathy and he let her know what happened such as he told him bad words in Italian and she is so sad of what happened but...
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