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Scene: The Blitz 1940
(Blue clouds. The roar of engines becomes gradually louder. Then, germen bombers appear. They start dropping bombs on the houses. Edmund looks out the window)
Mrs. Pevensie: Edmund get away from there! Peter! (to Edmund) What do you think you're doing?! Peter, quickly, the shelter now!
Peter: Come on!
Lucy (lying in bed): Mommy?
(Susan runs into her romm and grabsthings from next to her bed with a flashlight. She notices Lucy in bed)
Susan: Lucy, come on!
(Pevensies are running to the shelter, we hear them shouting, "Hurry up!" and "Run!". Edmund turns around, as if forgetting something.)
Edmund: Wait! Dad!
Mrs. Pevensie: Edmund! No!
Peter: I’ll get him!
Mrs. Pevensie: Peter! Come back!
(Peter follows Edmund as he runs inside and grabs a picture of a manin a RAF uniform. Suddenly, the window blows in and Peter and Edmund are thrown to the floorl)
Peter: Come on, you idiot! Run! Get out! (Peter and Edmund run back to the shelter. Peter throws Edmund onto the ground and starts shouting)
Peter: Why can’t you think about anyone but yourself? You’re so selfish! You could’ve got us killed! … Why can't you just do as you're told? (Peter slams theshelter door)

Scene: Train Station
Mrs. Pevensie (to Lucy): You need to keep this on, darling. Alright. You warm enough? Good girl.
Edmund: If Dad were here, he wouldn’t make us go.
Peter: If dad were here, it’d mean the war was over and we wouldn't have to go.
Mrs Pevensie: You will listen to your brother, won't you Edmund? (Mrs. Pevensie tries to kiss Edmund but he recoils. Then she hugsPeter) Promise me you’ll look after the others.
Peter: I will, mum.
Mrs. Pevensie: Good man. (Mrs. Pevensie hugs Susan) Susan....Be a big girl. … Alright, off you go.
Edmund (to Susan): Get off. I know how to get on a train by myself. Get off me!
Ticket Collector: May I have your ticket please? Tickets please! (Peter is distracted by soldiers going off to war)
Susan: Peter! *snatches ticketsfrom Peter*
Ticket collector (lady): On you go.
Peter: Yes, thank you. (To Lucy) Come on Lucy, we have to stick together now. Everything's going to be alright. It’s going to be fine. (The children look out the window of the train and wave)
Mrs Pevensie: Good-Bye, my darlings.(The train goes away)

Scene: Middle of Nowhere
Susan: The Professor knew we were coming?
Edmund: Perhaps we've beenincorrectly labelled. (Macready pulls up)
Peter: "Mrs. Macready?"
Mrs Macready: "I'm afraid so…. Is this it then? Haven’t you brought anything else?”
Peter: “No, ma'am. It's just us.”
Mrs Macready: "Small favours."
Scene: Arriving at the House
(While driving the horse over the lawn, some comments like "giddy up, good girl")
Mrs Macready: Professor Kirke is not accustomed to having childrenin his house. And as such, there are a few rules we need to follow: There will be no shouting…or running. No improper use of the dumbwaiter
(Susan reaches out to touch a sculpture) NO touching of the historical artefacts! And above all, there shall be no disturbing of the Professor. (Lucy looks under the door. She sees a shadow and then runs off)
That night…
Radio-man (Douglas Gresham): Germanaircraft carried out several attacks on Great Britain last night. The raids lasted for several hours-
(Susan turns off the radio) Lucy: The sheets feel scratchy.
Susan: Wars don't last forever, Lucy. We'll be home soon.
Edmund: If home's still there.
Susan: Isn't time you were in bed?
Edmund: Yes, MUM!
Peter (to Edmund): Ed! (Peter glares at Edmund. To Lucy): You saw the outside. Thisplace is huge. We can do whatever we want here. Tomorrow's going to be great. … Really. “

Scene: Lucy Looks into a Wardrobe(Rain pattering on window)
Susan: “Gas-tro-vas-cu-lar”. … Come on, Peter: “Gastrovascular.”
Peter: Is it Latin?
Susan: Yes.
Edmund: Is it Latin for ‘worst game ever invented’? (Susan closes the book)
Lucy: We could play hide-and-seek.
Peter: But we’re already having...
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