Las drogas

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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2012
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Why are cigarettes and alcohol sold in kiosks while other drugs are not?

Everybody knows that, most of times, you can’t ask for marihuana or cocaine in a kiosk, but certainlythere will be no problem if you want to buy some beer or cigarettes. However, many scientists think that the exclusion of alcohol and tobacco from the list of illegal drugs is simplyarbitrary because they are as harmful as some illegal drugs such as marijuana. For example, Tobacco causes 40 percent of all hospital illnesses, while alcohol is blamed for morethan half of all visits to hospital emergency rooms. Besides, they state that while the harm factor is basically the same, marijuana, helps people with painful critical illnesses likecancer, MS and glaucoma. Therefore, we could ask ourselves why some drugs as alcohol and tobacco are legal while other drugs are not.
Firstly, to answer that question we need tobear in mind that politicians and legislators base in not only medical aspects, but also social policy and accepted norms, which means that cultural and moral values are taken intoconsideration when the legalization of a drug is discussed. Alcohol and tobacco are firmly accepted and established in our culture and our history: they are part of our habits andtraditions. For example, many people drink wine at dinner or smoke a cigarette while they are in a reunion. This kind of drugs are deeply rooted in our life and socially accepted.
Onthe other hand, if we want to understand the reason why these drugs are legal we must consider, as well as the social habits, the power of the advertising and the companies. We livein a world surrounded by all kind of advertising in streets, TV, newspapers, magazines. It makes such an operation in our consciousness that turns the product irresistible.
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