Las drogas

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With the drug name in a generic sense refers to any substance mineral, plant or animal that is used in industry or medicine and that has stimulant, depressant or narcotic or as prescribed by theWorld Health Organization (WHO) , a substance which, introduced into a living organism may modify one or more of its functions. Criminal purposes, the concept of drug (despite the different forms ofaction in the body) also includes drugs and psychotropic substances, natural or synthetic, whose repeated use causes physical dependence or organic, and the uncontrollable desire to continue consumed inlarger doses to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

WHO mentions between narcotics and cannabis resin, coca leaves and cocaine, heroin, methadone, morphine, opium and codeine, and as psychotropic drugs,barbiturates, amphetamines and expanders of consciousness, such as lysergic acid, mescaline and psilocybin.

The characteristics of the drugs make them extremely hazardous substances. Theeffects produced in the body are not always the same and change depending on the type of drug, for example, some are stimulants and other depressants. Also vary with the dose for the same drug can causedifferent effects depending on the amount consumed.

These effects are related to the psychophysical characteristics of each person and to the particularities of the environment in whichconsumption occurs. For these reasons, there is never certainty but probability that the drug produces the desired effect.

Addiction is the urgent need to take drugs regularly (not being able tomoderate their consumption or delete). Is determined by mental and physical phenomena.

Tachyphylaxis is the need to consume larger and larger doses to achieve the same effects. The presentmany drugs because the body potential mechanisms of degradation of the substance, but the drug is added a phenomenon of 'tolerance' psychological.

The tables are always psychological and...
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