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  • Publicado : 17 de noviembre de 2011
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Simplification the common denominator of Modern Architecture

Since Modern Architecture was characterized by multiples personages that began a revolution of forms, it is impossible to highlight asingle personage or single project to discuss about Modern Architecture, its beginning and development. Modern Architects based their ideas on social conditions and technological innovations thatstarted to appear at the end of the 18th Centuries. One of the most remarkable aspects of Modern Architecture was the idea of simplification. The Steiner House and Villa Savoye are significantlyimportant projects that inspired and help others architects to understand the needs of Modern Architecture, the desire to clean up what was not useful and create new designs with pure and simplifiedgeometry.
The Steiner house, which was designed in 1910 and located in a Vienna suburb, is known as Adolf Loos’s outstanding design. It played an important role in establishing the reputation of Loos as amodern architect inside and outside the community in Vienna, “where the external architecture effect relied on the adroit placement of large plate-glass windows in undecorated planar surfaces.”
TheSteiner house became a highly influential example of Modern Architecture due to its fascinating and new architecture. Loos, who designed multiples residence in the period 1918-1933, brought anessential new concept of the space into the world: Raumplan. It was applied in the Steiner house and was a terminology that defined Loos' intentions: space freely, planning spaces in different levels,composing related rooms, annexes and terraces into harmonious indivisible whole and simplifying volumes in order to define the proposal. It was essential for Loos to simplified architecture as its max andtake the most use of the material, making then, an economical use of the space.
It’s due to this economical intention and the rigor of the proposed functional aspect that the Steiner house could be...