Legalizacion de la marihuana

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The legalization of marijuana is a wrong measure to eradicate drug addiction that hinders the development of society in the Dominican Republic.
Thelegalization of marijuana is an issue that transcends to the Dominican  Republic  for its importance in this new global era. Decide if marijuana can be sold as if it were simply a cough syrup is not a decision that should be taken lightly. The idea of medicinal preparations of cannabis became available in american pharmacies in the 1850s following an introduction to its use in Western medicineby William O'Shaughnessy a decade earlier in 1839. This fact certainly was a delay all efforts have been made to destroy this cancer. The legalization of marijuana, so it is counter productive to the integral development of the person.
The state's role in the acceptance of marijuana as something legal stance will be critical to acquiring the inhabitants of the Dominican Republic thisinternational debate. While it is true that legalizing is an issue that affects the entire globe, the government of this nation is the only one who can look after our best interests. The government should provide their inhabitants an environment free of external agents that may negatively influence the development of all his faculties, and without doubt, legalize marijuana is to open the door to infectmore this society. According to Erich Gooden (2010,153) “With legalization, inevitably there would develop in this country a substantial number of chronic, excessive users, thus encouraging the likelihood of chronic psychosis and criminality ”. As the state organization responsible for enforcing what people understand, can improve their nation, is the only one with the power to regulate theindiscriminate use of this.
Legalize marijuana, rather than a measure using reverse psychology to `` reduce'' drug trafficking is just a cheap excuse for those who want to make marijuana somewhat agree to this time, just another step closer to the real change that propels us to this new society. According to Erich Goode (2010, 147) “It is a well know fact that if one smokes cannabis one’s libidoincrease, one's moral sense deteriorates, and one becomes orgiastic ” . “ Smoking cannabis will automatically lead to trying other more dangerous drugs such as heroin ”. “ The continued used of the marijuana ” “will drive you mad”. There is no possible excuse to allow this substance as harmful is common in this era. Although times have changed considerably since released the effects of marijuanado not forget what essentially is a malignant cancer that is rapidly wiping out society as we know it. It's no secret that the immediate consequences of legalizing marijuana would be to feed this disease that grows daily in epidemic proportions. Erich Goode (2010,153) says: “ The combination of heightened sensibility, the feeling of omnipotence, and the occasional feeling of persecutionengendered by smoking marijuana may lead to acts of aggresion’’.
Allow people to buy marijuana without many restrictions is to accept what is wrong. Whenever a decision as important as this is necessary to look forward and think about how it will affect future generations what is decided today. If we accept as being legal marijuana would be sending the wrong message that consuming substances and docertain things just to feel better, it makes little difference to alcohol, excess and uncontrolled sex. For Erich Goode (2010,153) “Marijuana is a hallucinogen. Although it is mild, it can produce the same effects as the very strong hallucinogens as LSD. If we legalize marijuana, are we not taking the first step to legitimize the widespred and uncontrolled use of more potent hallucinogens with...
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