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  • Publicado : 22 de abril de 2010
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Marco Alfonso Susate Centeno
Andrea Gaucin
Mricarmen Lopez Lopez
Francisco Rodrigues Orta
Gabriea Rnagel
Bertina Vasquez Coronel
Jonathan GonzalesKaren Victoria Martinez
Luis Estrella
Luis fernando arredondo
Marco: welcome people to another today program i´m your friend marco
Andrea:hi everybody i´m your friend andrea how are you? WellI hope you are right today we will have a great t.v program
Marco :ohh yeeeeeahh!!! Andrea you´re right so lets start that fun with jonathan that is going to teach us yoga
Jonanathan part:Jona: good morning guys!!
Jona. My name is jonthan gonzales and im going to teach you yoga
Jona: yoga consist….. of … traditional……. Physical…… and mental….. diciplines… that were originated……….on india
Jona: now you are going to follow me…
Jona: start putting down your hands and your face bellow them.
Jona: now you are going to balance on one feet and breth in and breath out..Jona:well my friends this is all of my part an this 2 exercise are going to help you to get relax
Jona: “namaste” and lets go with marco and andrea
Marco:thanks jona hifriends we are back to the estudy
Andrea:and now lets go with berthina an luis fernando
Berthina: hi everybody todey we are going to show you how to make mango water
Luis: yesberthina let´s start putting water on the jar and if you have mango fruit you need to itch the fruit and to grind it on the mixer
Berthina: or if you have it in dust u only ned to do wath we aregoing to do then that you have the water on the jar you add de dust into the jar of water ain mix it with a spoon.
Luis: finally when you have the water you only need to dacorate the glas of thewater with a strip of lemon rind and tahs it you have your mango water
Marco: delicious thank you im going to make that water on my house don´t you think so andrea
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