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  • Publicado : 12 de septiembre de 2012
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Hello... I would loke to take a moment to talk to oll of you about the
Jelou AI uuld lok tu teik a moment tu tolk oll of yu abaut de
dangers of taking your parents to Disneyland
dangers of tokingyur parents to disneyland
First off, we are all here with a big group and who wants to be
Fist of ui ar ol jiar wit a big grup and ju wants to bi
by a class mate when your momiswearing Mickey ears and asking
bay a clas meit wen yur momis wering mickey iars and asking
your little brother how to write a text message
yur lirol brother jau to write a text mesach

then of coursethere is your dad´s
den of curs der is yur dad’s
fascination with roller coasters, this could go one of 2 ways either
fasineichon wit roler costers tis culd gou uan 0f tu weis eider
really funif he likes all the same rides you do
rili fon if hi laiks ol de seim raids yu du
or if your dad is like mine then you should avoid them altogether
or if yur dad is laik main den yu chuld avoid demol tugeder
My dad mademe wait in line for the highest the fastest and most
Mai da madem weit in lain for de jaigst de fastest and most

exciting ride a Disney
exsayring raid a disney
spacemountain the line was forever then we climb into a car that
espeis mountain de lain uos forever den ui climb into a car dad

zips off
sips of
Istarted to question my dad about the 4 corndogs he dadwolfed
Istared tu quechon may dad abaut de four cordong hi dad uolfd
down while waiting in line
daun uail ueiring in lain
Then it happened
Den it japend
As soon as we hit the first dip in thetrack
As soon as wi jit de firs dip in de trac

my dad HURLS I think it must have hit some people in the cars behind us
may dad jurls ai tink itmost jaf jit som pipol in de cars bijaind as

because for being at Disney
bicaus for being at disney
i sure heard a lot of bad language thank god spac mountain is in the
ai chur heard a lor of...
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