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Microsoft Enrollment for Application Platform
ProgrAm ovErviE w

Standardizing technology with a flexible, cost-effective licensing solution
Customers get more value through the Enterprise Agreement

Microsoft® is extending the value of the Enterprise Agreement by creating new enrollments that support software solutions that help you standardize on the Microsoft Server Platform and align towhere you are in the Infrastructure Optimization model. The Microsoft Application Platform is a set of integrated tools and technologies that support innovation by helping you maximize the value of your existing applications. It supports the rapid development of new applications and can help you make significant gains in productivity while decreasing total cost of ownership.
Enrollment forApplication Platform
The Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP) is a flexible cost-effective licensing program for customers standardizing on the Microsoft Application Platform. With the EAP, customers get the latest Application Platform products across their organizations on new and existing deployments with lower up-front costs, and savings of up to 40 percent on new IT solutions. EAP is aMicrosoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) enrollment for customers that want to simplify licensing, help reduce costs, and manage their core infrastructure more efficiently. Standardization made affordable • Low up-front costs to take advantage of the latest product innovations. • Up to 40 percent savings on license costs for new deployments. Rapid adoption of the latest technology • Helps you increaseemployee productivity and return on investment through your Software Assurance benefits including 24x7 Problem Resolution Support and Training benefits. • Ability to deploy on your schedule with unlimited deployment rights for Application Platform products across the entire organization. • Eligible customers with qualifying Software Assurance may also qualify for Unlimited Problem Resolution Support.Flexible purchasing model • Licensing model that meets your needs with either an annual or threeyear true up. • Predictable costs with fixed payment for life of the term with the three-year True up model.

The Enrollment for Application Platform Advantage
EAP customers can manage their application platform server investments from a single enrollment and benefit from:

How the Program works
1)Select the products you want • One or more products with minimum initial purchase requirement. • Establish your initial footprint based on your current install base. • 100 percent Software Assurance coverage on footprint for included products. Application Platform Products: 2) Receive the latest version of products • Included products only. • Price of license deferred indefinitely on units notcovered by Software Assurance on your initial footprint, as long as you remain in the program. 3) Deploy unlimited incremental units • New incremental units receive price savings on license cost. • True up annually or at the end of your three-year term. 4) Choose the best True up option

one-Year True up
• Similar to the Enterprise Agreement • Incremental licenses purchased annually receive pricesavings • Price savings on new licenses—40 percent on Premium Edition; 15 percent on Standard Edition (License only)

Three-Year True up
• Fixed payments with growth and Premium Edition mix built in • At the end of the three-year term, purchase licenses at cost savings for units above commitment • Price savings on new licenses—40 percent on Premium Edition; 15 percent on Standard Edition(License only)

miCroSofT EnroLLmEnT for APPLiCATion PL ATform

minimum Purchase requirements
There is a minimum initial purchase requirement for each product that is outlined in the table below: Incremental License Price Savings Products Premium Edition 40% Savings (License only)
• SQL Server Enterprise (Processor or Server) Microsoft SQL® Server

Standard Edition 15% Savings (License only)...
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