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Conversation Questions
A Part of Conversation Questions for the ESL Classroom.
* After you graduate do you want to live in your hometown? Why or why not?
* Can I visit yourhometown on the Internet?
* Do you like your hometown? Why or why not?
* How many TV channels do you get at home?
* Do you miss your home country?
* What do you miss the most?* Do your childhood friends still live in your hometown?
* If not, where are they now?
* Does anyone famous come from your hometown?
* Does your hometown have any festivals? Whathappens at that festival?
* How long does it take to get from your hometown to here?
* Has your hometown changed a lot since you were a kid? If so, how? Have the changes been for the better orworse?
* Is your hometown famous for anything?
* Where is your hometown?
* What is the population of your hometown?
* What is the population of your country?
* What are somethings in your hometown that are part of history?
* What does your hometown produce? What does it grow?
* What is the best season in your hometown?
* What is the best thing about yourhometown?
* What is the worst thing about your hometown?
* What's there to do in your hometown?
* What's your hometown like?
* When is the best time to come to your hometown?
*Where are you from?
* What is the geography of your hometown? (i.e. beach, mountains, etc.)
* What are the main attractions in your hometown?
* What are the main economical resources inyour hometown?
* Can you describe the main geographical features of your hometown?
* What is the average temperature in winter time? (summer time?)
* Would you like to be in yourhometown now? Why or why not?
* If you could live anywhere, where would you like to live?
* How do you see your hometown growing in the next 20 years?
* Is your hometown growing? Is this a...
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