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1501 Marriage of Arthur, Prince of Wales to Catherine of Aragon


• Death of Arthur, Prince of Wales, at Ludlow.

• Treaty of Aachen between England the Holy Roman Empire

• 19 June - Treaty of Aachen between England the Holy Roman Empire

• The Treaty of Perpetual Peace between Scotland and England is signed


• Construction of Henry VII'sChapel at Westminster Abbey begins.[1]
• 8 August - Marriage of James IV of Scotland and Henry VII's daughter, Margaret Tudor
1504 -18 February - Henry Tudor created Prince of Wales

1506 -9 February and 20 March - Treaties of Windsor ally England, Burgundy, and the Habsburgs against France.

1507 -21 December - Henry VII arranged a marriage between his younger daughter, Mary Tudor andHabsburg Archduke Charles.

22 April - Henry VIII becomes King of England on the death of his father, Henry VII.[2]
11 June - Henry VIII marries Catherine of Aragon
o 21 January - Parliament grants Henry VIII generous tax subsidies.[1]
o 31 January - Catherine of Aragon gives birth to her first child, a stillborn daughter.

• 13 November - War of theLeague of Cambrai: Henry joins the Holy League against France.[2]
• 17 November - The Treaty of Westminster signed between England and Spain forming an alliance against France

1512 -10 August - War of the League of Cambrai: English naval victory at the Battle of St. Mathieu over the French.

• 5 April - Treaty of Mechlin signed by Henry, Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor,Ferdinand II of Aragon and Pope Leo X against France
• July - War of the League of Cambrai: Scotland declares war on England.
• 24 September - War of the League of Cambrai: The city of Tournai surrenders to England
1514 -April - War of the League of Cambrai: Henry VIII declares a truce with France
1518 -October 3 - Cardinal Wolsey's Treaty of London is signed by France, England, the HolyRoman Empire, the Papacy, Spain, Burgundy and the Netherlands allying the European powers against the Ottoman Empire
1522 -May - England declares war on France and Scotland

1524 -Henry VIII and Charles V form an alliance to support Charles III, Duke of Bourbon in his dispute with Francis I of France

1525 -Peace is agreed between England and France.

1527 -By the Treaty of Westminster,Cardinal Wolsey signs an alliance between England and France.

o 22 January - Henry VIII and Francis I of France declare war on Emperor Charles V.[1]
o March - trade suspended between England and the Netherlands because of the war with the Holy Roman Empire.
• Henry VIII accedes to the Treaty of Cambrai

• Henry VIII recognised assupreme head of the Church of England

• Anne Boleyn is created Marquess of Pembroke by Henry VIII

• 25 January - King Henry VIII marries Anne Boleyn, his second Queen consort
• Henry VIII's marriage with Catherine of Aragon officially declared annulled. Catherine refuses to accept and continues to believe herself the wife of Henry till her death
• - Anne Boleyncrowned Queen.
• BIRTH7 September - Queen Elizabeth I of England
• Sir Thomas More is executed for treason by King Henry VIII after refusing to agree to Henrys' decision to separate the English church from the Roman Catholic church.
• First of the Laws in Wales Acts passed, beginning the Anglicisation of the Welsh legal system

• 19 May - Execution of AnneBoleyn
• Henry VIII marries Jane Seymour.
• The Pilgrimage of Grace, a rebellion against Henry VIII's church reforms
• 7 January - Catherine of Aragon, queen of Henry VIII
• 12 October - King Edward VI of England
• 24 October - Jane Seymour, queen of Henry VIII (complications of childbirth)
• Invasion scare, following reports of an alliance between Spain,...
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