Lisos de mare

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  • Publicado : 18 de noviembre de 2010
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Lisos De Mare :p
Marena was a pretty girl.
 She had black hair.
 His eyes were dark brown. She was thin.
She wore a green dress and white shoes.
She livedwith her parents.
His mother was a good woman.
I was twenty-eight.
His father was a son of god.
His father was forty-six years.

He was a conductor.
Searchfor passengers on the toll.
His parents worked hard.
He lived at a time.
The house had a beautiful garden.
The garden was beautiful flowers.
The flowers arepurple, pink and blue.
The house was near a river.
The river was very cold.
"Do not go to the river." His mother said.
One day I was playing with his favoritetoy.
His favorite toy was a bear.
The bear was his best friend.

When I was sad, the bear saw his sadness.
The bear that she cried.
One day while playing inthe garden, Marena saw a butterfly.
It was white.

"We will continue this butterfly." He said.
The butterfly was the River.
marena forget the words of hismother.
She ran to the river with his bear.
In the river lost its bear.
Fifi went down.
She did not see his bear.
 was running and running.
The bee disappearedamong the trees on the River.
She was looking for the butterfly and the bear.

She found none.
She was alone.
Suddenly he stopped.
"Where am I?"
"I'm in theriver."
"Oh" he said. "I'm lost."
She was afraid.

She was not far from the house.
The house has been there, but she does not know.

Marena was a smallhouse.
She saw an orange ball.
The girl followed the orange balloon.
 The ball was in the same way.
Soon came home.
The house was beautiful.
It had two floors.
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