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  • Publicado : 7 de octubre de 2010
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The fox robbery
Once upon a time in an east European forest a huge family of red foxes lived under a gigantic tree where they fed, played and slept. Their life was miserable, the food was scant andthey had to feed with whatever they found. Also the forest was being cut down, the water was running out and the hunters started to chase more often foxes for their magnificent fur.
All the familywas depress and the starvation was invading their bodies. But two of the oldest foxes Sam and George planned to rob the chicken farm to provide their family with food. Analyzing the farm they realizedthat entering was very complex so they decided to make a hole under the metallic fence until they reach the chicken. But making the hole was impossible for a couple of foxes, so they asked Adam themole to make the hole for them.
They successfully stole 5 chickens each, and gave to Adam a bunch of succulent worms as a regard.
Their family was satisfied by the chickens but their mother suspectedthat something was wrong. They felt proud about satisfying their family so they planned another big robbery but this time at the wool factory; Sam and George wanted the meat from the ships, so theytried to break in like the last time but the floor was covered with pavement and the fence was too high to climb it.
Thinking and thinking the clever foxes asked Carol the eagle to give them a liftinside the factory. They took out seven ships and the eagle took them one by one out of the factory and the foxes returned the favor by looking after her eggs.
Things were perfect for the family,preys in the forest started to multiplied, making the robberies too risky and unnecessary for the foxes. Their mom asked them to stop the robberies but Sam and George disobey her and planned the lastrobbery. The foxes went to the biggest factory of the region where pigs were found. They entered by the front door which was open but suddenly a dog attacked George ripping of his tail. They luckily...
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