Lord of the flies

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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2012
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Andrea Pérez Picazo Grupo I
Lord of the flies
This novel written by William Golding is a clear example about education in civics to get a goodcoexistence. This is an entertaining novel, with a group of events chains. That author writes for show us that the men or child are the same we needstandards of living equal for there aren’t growing fears of chaos.
In my opinion the author distinguish two particular topics: first, thecivilization against barbarism, the civilization is represented by Ralph and the reason by Piggy in the other hand barbarism is represented by Jack and thenegative values like ambition or power. The second topic is the loss of innocence, being children they face up situations where they lose theirinnocence.
In my opinion, the principle is denser and constantly equal to describing the place while the end is much more interesting. Golding wants toshow us his idea of society, and as human related in different groups where we have different roles-specific functions that lead to balance andgood coexistence, but showing that there are always opponents and ambitious people.
The lord of the flies symbolizes the rebellion and the power oftribe to another , the Lord is the pig’s head nailed to a stake, the pork is killed by Jack and his companions while the flies flying around.
Inconclusion, is a good book, that inspirited others book, series or films and it’s easy to read but I spent more time because is not my language.