Los amore.

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We know that in the new era of human life is very dependent on science technology to carry out their daily activities, and the use of technology is takinggreat importance, because it helps in personal growth, social, professional, labor and even family. Indeed, I intend to talk about the important and inevitable that they are good or bad influences oftechnology in different ways in which the human being performs.
As soon as personnel, technology plays an indispensable role, because such is the influence it has on daily living, such as when watchingthe clock that gives you a precise time and do not necessarily have to go out in the sun or watching the clock sand to reach you in time, so it is with modern calculators with which you should notrely on a mental, sticks or abacus to get great results of operations. The technology is very simple to the complex doing more practical for large TVs to black and white LCD TVs, flat screen, and largeVictrola to recorders, mini components, ipod, mp3, cameras Roll to digital and others are some of the most common types of technologies that are causing concern to the human being as personal.Technological science is the most common influence that relates to the technical society, and has also been seen as the means of transformation that may be the human being both socially and personally, Ispeak clearly of communications, TV, phone or computer to change society, but despite all this, gives us the opportunity to catch up with loved ones who are far away and meet people through socialnetworks, in my opinion, this is the biggest reason why people seek to be good about the technological and always be updated every innovation that takes place in all aspects. I dare say that the social isvery hand to the family context, because this is where it begins to establish how the behavior should be as technological, how can you use these programs or equipment as the time control, security...
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