Los niños

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A. Complete the sentences with is, are or am.
B. answer the questions
C. Complete the writing with is, are or other words which make sense.
D. Letter soup, get 40 between animals and fruits, and make a list of them.

A. Complete the sentences, use the correct form of the verb BE

1. My mother is a scientist
2. Myfather ___is_____ a salesman
3. They ___we_____ Costa Rican
4. We ___they_____ in the United States
5. You __are_____ my teacher
6. I _am_____ a student
7. My brother and sister __are_____ students too.
8. Philip __is______ my friend.
9. Jim and Philip _are____ brothers
10. Jim and my brother _are______ friends

B. Answer the questions with yes. Use the correctpronouns and contractions

1. I s Lima in Peru? Yes, it`s in Peru
2. Is Robert Young? _yes, it´s in young
3. Are Julia and Aki doctors? Yes, it´s in aki
4. Is Philip short? _yes, it´s in short
5. Is Rosa a saleswoman? _yes, it´s in saleswoman
6. Are Philip and Jim brothers? __yes, it´s are brothers
7. Is London in England? __yes, it´s in england
8. Area Aki and Yoko Japanese?_yes, they are japanese
9. Are you happy? __yes it´s are happy
10. Are you and Robert friends No we aren´t friends

C. Complete the gap with the appropriated word

Dear Anthony

Thank you for your letter. Here _is some__ some answers to your questions. We _are__ in an apartment in Chicago.
My father __is_ a communications technician at SONY Company and He often takes businesstrips. My mother __is__ a chemist and she __is__ never bored, she __is_always busy. I am sending pictures o me and my family with this letter.
I __am___ one brother and two sisters. I ___am___ in my last year of high school now. In my free time I __am__ basketball and __is___ to the movies. My brother ____is_ to elementary school and my sisters ___is___ to junior high school.

We __are_ in a verynice area in Chicago, the school ___is____ five blocks away from our house, and there __are_ many shopping malls near here too. It _is______ a great place. We __are_ Chinese food, so we usually __are__ to a Chinese restaurant on weekends. My brother __is___ the guitar, one of my sisters __is__French and the other one ___is__ to a yoga class.

My hobby _is__ collecting soda cans, stamps androcks, they _are_beautiful for me.
I __am____ about 150 different kinds of cans, my favorite past times __is_____ riding, playing the guitar and video games. I __am_____ a mountain bike and a pet dog called snoopy.

Do you ____are________ any pet?

Write soon

Your friend


W |Ñ |A|P |P |L |E |C |D |P |I |N |E |A |P |P |L |E |F |G |H |I |C |J |C | |A |Y |N |L |Ñ |P |G |O |U |Y |T |R |E |W |Q |A |E |S |D |F |G |N |H |M |O | |T |Q |T |W |E |R |N |T |Y |U |I |O |P |A |D |F |M |S |H |N |B |D |I |V |C | |E |E |N |B |V |C |A |X |C |H |I |C |K |E |N |Z |O |Ñ |L |K |J |U |C |H |O | |R |R |L |O |T |U |R |T |L |E |P |O |M |E |F |A |N |D |F |D |E |C |K |G |N | |M |J |L |R |C |C |O |L|X |I |M |B |M |B |I |C |P |P |S |O |A |K | |F |U | |E |X |T |A |N |G |E |R |I |N |E |W |D |E |G |V |M |L |I |G |Y |F | |D |T | |L |Z |M |B |N |R |P |T |W |X |A |S |D |A |X |R |E |U |I |R |R |E |D |G |M | |O |Q |F |R |J |A |V |B |I |R |U |Y |P |R |Q |A |R |M |A |N |G |O |E |S |H | |N |I |R |A |R |P |E |E |W |Q |R |P |K |H |F |T |X |S |R |T |O |Y |I |P |Ñ | |Z |O |O |X |A |E |Q |B |D |R |I |R |J |U|G |I |P |Z |S |W |A |S |P |F |B | |I |D |G |Ñ |Y |S |N |C |E |S |R |I |B |A |N |A |N |A |Y |H |K |Ñ |B |A |L | |B |W |E |P |I |G |I |B |U |R |P |S |R |W |I |R |L |G |D |S |I |Y |I |S |A | |U |S |D |G |A |D |W |L |F |R |P |A |S |S |I |O |N |F |L |O |W |E |R |D |C | |T |O |W |O |Ñ |A |Ñ |E |S |D |Ñ |D |P |A |L |E |O |L |O |F |I |G |D |D |K | |E |D |P |L |R |G |S |Q |D |O |L |P |H |I |N |A |I |C...
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