Lugares famosos alrededor del mundo

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this research be undertaken to fulfill the course curriculum 2009, with the objective of the present to reach members of the study, characteristics of tourist places of interest to the population, from the perspective of learning in this school year. The research to be part of the course above is described in the English language to do it follow the following methodology:

a)A review of both internet and media outlets most interesting sites in the world.

b) Of all the places found nine countries were chosen based on criteria related to these such as culture, history, population and accessibility.

c) Further review and obtain information on the aforementioned variables and sketch the outline of both written submission to the group exhibition giving priority toinformation in Spanish.

d) English was translated into the language of the written content.

Our interest is to comply with the guidelines provided by our teacher, transmit the best possible, given our instrument that we as a product of our cultural background of our and our partners and assess the knowledge we possessed in order that we correct our errors or omissions of our current cognitivebaggage


Italy, officially the Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana in Italian) is a European country that is part of the European Union (EU). Its territory is made up mainly the Italian peninsula and two largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea: Sicily and Sardinia. In the north it is bordered by the Alps, where it borders with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. Theindependent states of San Marino and Vatican City are enclaves within Italian territory.

In turn Campione d'Italia is an Italian city that is a small enclave in the territory of the Swiss Confederation.
It has been home to many European cultures like Etruscans and the Romans and was also the birthplace of the Renaissance, which began in the region of Tuscany and soon spread throughout Europe. Thecapital of Italy, Rome, was for centuries the political and cultural center of Western civilization, and is also the holy city for the Catholic Church, for within the city is the microstate of the Vatican. The cultural significance of the country is reflected in its World Heritage Sites, as has forty-four, the highest number of world.

It is the third European Union country that receives moretourists per year, Rome's third largest city visitada.3 Another important city is Milan, a center of finance and industry, and according to the Global Language Monitor, the capital of fashion. 4 Italy is a democratic republic, is part of G8 or Group of Eight nations industrialized world and is a developed country with a very high quality of life, found in 2005 among the top eight of the world.

Healso enjoys a high level of human development, being the 18th most developed country world.6 founding member of the European Union, signing the Treaty of Rome in 1957. It is also a founding member of the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the World Trade Organization, Council of Europe and the Western European Union. Thecountry, and especially Rome, has a strong impact on policy issues and culture in global organizations like the Organization for Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 7 the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the Glocal Forum, 8 or the World Food Programme (WFT).


The President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano

The policy is based on a republican system ofparliamentary democracy with representative from the June 2, 1946, when the monarchy was abolished by popular referendum. The executive branch is headed by the Council of ministers who are led by the head of government (Consiglio dei Ministri President), informally known as Prime Minister, one of the five most important positions in the country along with those of President, Chairman Senate of the...
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