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  • Publicado : 18 de septiembre de 2010
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SWOT analyses:
| S | W | O | T |
Competitors | 1. Flexibility of facilities and equipment; 2. Greeks have very large cash reserves; 3. They are cheaper, they have low costtransport (cheep labor work, fuel,etc); 4. Close to big markets like Japan; | 1. They don’t have a good reputation like Swedish; 2. They have old ships and they pay very much forthe insurance; 3. It´s hard to obtain environmental certificates because they use old and second hand ships; 4. They are not ecological; 5. The supertankers can´t be used atmaximum capacity, after the new regulations settled in ; | 1. The rise of the need of deposing oil; 2. The rise the oil demand transportation; 3. The discover of a new source of oil;4. The appearance of the need of transporting some new products on the sea, | 1. The grather concern of the people of the environment(saving fuel, and much saver for theenvironment- by using pipelines); 2. The appearance of better and innovative tankers on the market; 3. The occurrence of an accident would discredit the transporter; 4. The rise of theneed of transporting rafinated oil an less crude oil; 5. The appearance of others sources of energy would lower down the demand; 6. The rise of fuel costs,maintainence, and othercosts; 7. The communist block are growing to fast; |
Our company | 1. Access to Panama Canal, Suez canal therefore to US; 2. We have a good reputation and well-known brand; 3. Weare eco orientated, 4. We use advanced technology and we have time advantage; 5. We are flexible on what products to carrie; | 1. We have less flexibility of facilities anequipment than the Greeks (which have all sizes of tankers); 2. Our costs are higher because we pay high taxes and so one so we have higher prices; 3. Our geographical asset; | | |
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