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Business Excellence
For me business excellence is to organize, manage and do everything right the first time, ALWAYS AN EVERYONE PROVIDING in all areas of the organization, achieving excellent results comprehensive planned. You can have an excellent administration, but one must know many aspects of business excellence in order to learn and manage all areas towards excellence.
How ?: regularlyevaluate the excellence of the organization, strategies and actions for continuous improvement, continuous improvement of the Organizational Effectiveness (understanding the effectiveness and the ability to adapt in advance to the changing environment to achieve excellent results that give satisfaction to all involved with the organization).

“Transformation of Business Processes” is afundamental theme that runs through all of these quality improvements,…”
The aim is to deliver a clear approach to the transformation process, led to the stabilization, improvement and redesign of processes for the operational focus. To so allow a proper execution of processes, reuse of resources and continuous improvement of processes. Like:
Business Process Management
It allows us to achievemanagement goals, through a workflow, the integration of applications involved in the process, and control instruments needed to help manage and improve strategies for effectiveness and efficiency of processes.

Allows Organizations
Assessing Business Excellence or organizational Excellence: * to identify Strengths* Improvement Opportunities
Systematic Way
Process Reengineering and Redesign
It allows us to achieve incremental improvements in process performance, through its reformulation and optimization of workflows,focusing on alignment with the objectives of the Company, through which the organization works to maximize its value added.

Benchmarking and application of Best Practices
It allows us to know the current state of business processes in the industry both nationally and internationally, identifying the best market practices for reuse in the Company. 

In the 1980s, it saw a shift inemphasis from quality control to quality assurance and the emergency of ideas such as company-wide quality control, total quality (TQ) and total quality management (TQM). Many of the ideas associated with TQM-Type approaches have been used to develop the excellence frameworks.
Making sure the quality of the product or service involves many factors that are not very visible at the time of design andproduct processing. One of the many is the integration of systems for quality inspection in conjunction with the transformation of the product, we must remember that the product began as an idea, a simple vision that is what we want and the only way to see who needs my product to be more attractive and business is the planning of production in product quality, this occurs more in perishableproducts, as its commercial life span is short and needs to be sold at the set time, but loses attraction and market uptake, which is why the inspection of product quality must be constant. Total quality management is an approach that focuses on improving the organization’s effectiveness, efficiency and responsiveness to customers and other stakeholder’s needs by actively harnessing people’s skills andcompetencies in the pursuit of achieving sustained improvements to organizational performance.
How improve to the organization’s effectiveness? For example: let’s talk about a network service company whatever:

Customers and suppliers of growing businesses are increasingly discerning and have very high expectations of support and immediate and personalized service. Expectations continue to...
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