Manejo de plantas y sistemas de calidad

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|Recall Program and Procedures |
| |
|This Recall Manual outlines the requirements and steps to be taken in the event of a |
|product recall and/or withdrawal.|
| |
| |
| |
| |Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Aim 3

Scope 3

Recall Terms and Definition 4

Recall Classification 4

Types of Classifications 5

Product Withdrawal 5

Mock Recall 5

Recall Team 6

The Recall Process 7

1st Stage - Investigation of Complaint 7

2nd Stage - Tracking of Product 7

Tracking Procedures 8

3rd Stage A - Product Recall 103rd Stage B - Product Withdrawal 10

List of Forms Required for Recall 11


Our Company is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products possible. We take care to insure that only our best leaves the premises. In the event that a product does get shipped out which is of questionable quality, the recall program, as outlined in this manual, will be put into action.Product recall is indicated when a product we manufacture could represent a hazard to the consumer. Our recall program will effectively remove that product from circulation.

All products manufactured at Our Company have production dates, best before dates, and/or lot codes attached to them. All products that are shipped out have the production codes noted on the packing slips. In the eventof a problem with any product, we will contact all our customers who received the product by phone and by fax and have the product returned.

We will insure that 99 - 100% of the product in question is returned or accounted for, either at the distributor level or at the end user level.

In the case of a serious health hazard we will issue a public warning via the news media, either on a localor regional basis to insure the public safety. Where necessary, we will involve the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for assistance.


The main objectives of this recall plan are:

1. Stop the distribution and sale of the affected product.

2. Effectively notify Our Company Management, customers and regulatory authority (i.e. CFIA) of the recall.

3. Efficiently remove theaffected product from the marketplace.

4. Remove the affected product from the warehouse and/or distribution areas.

5. Dispose of the affected product.

6. Conduct a root cause analysis and report the effectiveness and outcome of the recall.

7. Implement a corrective action plan to prevent another recall.

8. Upon completion of the recall Our Company management willconduct a post recall meeting to evaluate the recall.


A food recall is conducted to protect public health and safety. A food withdrawal is generally undertaken for quality purposes or as a precautionary measure before an official recall. This Manual outlines the process for both a recall and a withdrawal. This Manual is solely to be used for Our Company as it is tailored to the business’distinctive needs.

Recall Terms and Definition

Product recall is initiated when the food product may represent a health hazard to the consumer. The procedures implemented should effectively remove the product from circulation to prevent its consumption.

In certain instances, the CFIA may initiate a product recall, or take appropriate corrective action when Our Company Food Source’s...
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