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With EasyBloodGas, Medica has redefined blood gas analyzer design

The sophistication of traditional bloodgas analyzers has been packaged in a new compact format with a small footprint to save space. Gas tanks are eliminated. Gas and liquids have been mixed (tonometered) to create a convenient ReagentModule containing liquid calibrants. All components are combined into three simple modules, easily accessible by the user. Routine maintenance is limited to the replacement of electrodes and a single pumptube. Medica’s EasyBloodGas analyzer measures pH, PCO2 and PO2 and calculates eleven additional parameters. Patient parameters, including FIO2 and Hb, can be entered using the digital keypad andintegrated into patient results. Measured and calculated results are displayed and printed. Simple menus guide the user through analyzer operation. The modular design makes maintenance easy. EasyBloodGasfocuses on the laboratory’s need to deliver sample results economically. Unique electrode design, combined with precise control of calibrator volumes, ensure economical operation and a low cost persample.

...Easy to use
Blood gas analyzer operation has never been simpler

The Universal Sampler adapts to both syringe and capillary samples. The sample probe’s self-wiping feature providesconvenience, sample integrity and user safety.

Syringe Sampling

Capillary Sampling

Compact reagent module for convenience, economy and safety

Bulky gas tanks are replaced with liquid,tonometered calibrants, packaged in a convenient Reagent Module which also collects waste, protecting the user from biological hazards. The Reagent Module’s solid-state memory enables EasyBloodGas to trackdate code and reagent usage. Operation without interruption is assured.
Disposable, maintenance-free electrodes

Advanced membrane technology and novel packaging bring unprecedented convenience to...
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