Mantenimiento a celular c905 sony

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SEMC Troubleshooting Manual C905

Troubleshooting Manual


1222-9526 rev. 1

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SEMC Troubleshooting Manual C905


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General information
The purpose of this document is to provide enhanced technicalinformation for Sony Ericsson repair technicians in order to assist during service, repair and troubleshooting operations on Sony Ericsson mobile phones. It should be used as a complement to other repair instructions and tools as notified by the local Sony Ericsson representative. To search for components throughout the entire document use the “search” function in Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 (or laterversion) and enter the component name or other word. Use zoom to enlarge. For easier navigation of the document you can use the bookmarks that appear in the Bookmarks tab on the left side of the Adobe Acrobat Reader window. Each bookmark jumps to a page in the document.



This document is Sony Ericsson confidential and should be treated as confidential inaccordance with the agreement with Sony Ericsson. This document is intended for use by authorized service technicians only. Sony Ericsson is not to be held responsible for any damages or losses caused intentionally or unintentionally due to unauthorised use of the information in this document.

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Initital revision.

Power On/OffProblems 8 USB and Software Flash Problems 8 Dead Phone Problems 9 Display Problems 10 Display Illumination Problems 11 Opto Sensor Problems 11 On-Off Key Problems 12 Numeric Keypad & Camera Snap Button Problems 12 Navigation Keypad & Game Button Problems 13 13 Volume Button Problems Camera Play and Mode Button Problems 14 Numeric Keypad LED Problems 14 Navigation Keypad LED Problems 15 Auto Focus LEDProblems 15 Back Side LED Problems 16 Tally LED Problems 16 Camera Snap Button LED Problems 17 Camera Navigation LED Problems 17 Trickle Charge LED Problems 18 Xenon Flash Problems 18 Multimedia Combo Chip Problems 19 Camera Problems 19 20 Camera Cover Detect Problems TV Out Problems 20 Charging Problems 21 USB/VBUS Charging Problems 21 SIM Problems 22 Memory Stick Problems 22 Primary & SecondaryMic Problems 23 Ear Speaker Problems 23 Loudspeaker Problems 24 Handsfree (PHF) Problems 24 FM Radio Problems 25 FM Radio Antenna Problems 25 Bluetooth Problems 26 WLAN Problems 26 GSM Problems 27 WCDMA I, II and V Problems 27 WCDMA VIII Problems 28 A-GPS Problems 28 Accelerometer Problems 29 Vibrator Problems 29 Real Time Clock Problems 30 Slide Sensor Problems 30 System Connector Protection Test31 Current Consumption Test 31 Backup Capacitor Test 33 Charging Test 33 ASIC Revision Test 34 Measurement Points Pictures 35

Audio Digital Audio FM Radio Application & System Performance Top System Top System Control - Clocks & Resets System Memories System PoP IF Power Top Power Regulators & Charging Power Imaging Power ASICs Power WLAN Connectivity Top Connectivity I2C & ADC ConnectivityCards Connectivity Connectivity Keypad Connectivity Video Companion Chip Imaging Top Imaging Display Imaging Camera Imaging LMU & Flash Access Top Access GSM & UMTS Access Bluetooth Access AGPS Access WLAN Test

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