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Industrial Engineering

Description : Test (40%) and Resume (60%)NAME:________________________________ _________________________NC:____________

INSTRUCCIONS. The read the article and answer the following questions.1.- What was the article about the article?
a) Seat´s design
b) Healthy
c) Patent Seating
d) Types chair
2.-How many types of seats there was in the article
d)33.- What was the reason that made of the failure of Caspar Schindle´s patents?
a) Design
b) Period when was propouse
c) It was not ergonomical
d) hard to build
4.- What was propousing cozzen´sdesign?
a) Release the pressure on the tighs
b) Low streess
c) Release the pressure on the Arms and legs
d) Release the pressure on the hips

5.- Why does Stey Giedron said that seat´s patenthave been made by Industrial Engineer.?
a) Because he read the specyfications and goals of the patent´s.
b) Because they were easier the manufacturing.
c)because they were ergonomic.
d) Becausethey combined the engineering knowleges and cientific metod´s.
6.- Why some the inventor were awarded by doctors because their patents?
a) Because they were a industrial engineer
b) Because theirdesigns were ergonomics.
c) They considered designs concept o preserve health
d) None of the answers
7.- who is Jenny Pynt?
a) A Ph. Doctor
b) A journalist
c) A Physical Therapist
d) A industrialEngineer
8.- What is the goal of seat designing.?
a) Improve the workers health
b) Make seats more attractive
c) To be more comfortable at work
d) Because its bulding is easier
9.- What was thestudy about Theresa Wolfun?
a) The garment industry
b) Educated the workers and made changes to the seating
c) Design chairs for workers diseñar sillas para los trabajadores
d) None of the...
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