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DrumIt Five Open Sound Drum System
DrumIt Five is an open sound drum system giving the user the freedom to choose which sounds to play and which heads to use. The system is built around a high strength, low weight pad / cymbal and stand system. Add to this an extremely powerful drum unit with 4GB on-board Flash memory, and you have thefoundation for a truly ground breaking, new sensation in electronic drums.

DrumIt Five, Open Sound Drum System

Easy to setup and use
The specialy designed rack stand is focused to be light-weight, roadworthy and easy to set-up. It allows the user to adjust the pads and cymbals to there particular playing style. The kick position is adjustable but mounted to the stand.

Use the head of yourchoice
The DrumIt Five system offers the possibility to play any type of regular drum head, mesh head or the new rubber head. All heads are exchangeable in the same way as you would change a drum head on a regular drum.

Fast response times
The DrumIt Five triggering system offers low latency triggering and great dynamic range. As the sounds consist of many velocity layers, the gradual changebetween faint and hard hits is faithfully reproduced.

Select different size pads
The pads come in a range of sizes from 8 to 14 inch. They all feature head and rim sensors. Although the pads are of a lightweight design, they are cast in aluminum and extremely strong.

Experience great sound quality
The DrumIt Five sounds are delivered at 44100 Hz by 24 bit digital-to-analog converters.Play along
The DrumIt Five unit allows you to, download wav files to jam along with or connect your media player to the line in socket.

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DrumIt Five Unit & Editor
Download by USB
When DrumIt Five is connected to a computer by USB, all sounds and kits can easily be downloaded to the internal Flash memory. Use the editor to download complete kits or just drag-and-dropfrom the computer’s file manager.

Create your own kits
The DrumIt Five editor allows you to build and create your own sound’s. The software is designed to work with PC’s and Mac’s. The initial program will allow you to drag and drop sounds onto the various symbols in the editor to create your own personal kit. With a few clicks of a mouse, you will be able to adjust tuning, levels and panning.You will then be able to simply save the kit within your computer or send it to the DrumIt Five unit via the USB connector. In the next revision of the software ( to follow shortly ) there will be the provision to allow the drummer to drag and drop any wave, aiff or rex files into the editor page. It will be possible to make your own multi level sound or just download loops straight into the DrumItFive unit.

DrumIt Five, Open Sound Drum System

Make your own sounds
By means of the DrumIt Five editor ( PC / Mac ), you can make your own multi-sampled sounds from wave, aiff or rex files. Together with sounds from the DrumIt Five library, you can create any kit you desire.

Edit kits
The DrumIt Five editor allows the user to create kits on their computer by way of easy drag-anddropediting. Sounds can be played from the virtual pads to check how the kit will sound. The multi-channel, multi-layered DrumIt sounds can be remixed and adjusted to the user’s own taste.

Use professionally edited DrumIt sounds
Select sounds from the DrumIt sound library, made by top artists, recorded in multi-channel multi-layer format in professional studios, carefully edited to offer unsurpassedsound quality.

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DrumIt Five Pads and Cymbals
Play the edge
The DrumIt Five pads offer a unique and revolutionary Floating Rim™. The innovative pad design features an independent rim trigger as well as a main head sensor. Both triggers in the pad are connected to one input on the unit via a stereo trigger cable.

Multi-Zone Cymbals
The DrumIt Five system is...