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Learn essential HPLC maintenance tips

Ensure trouble-free operation of your lab

Select the ultimate PerfectFit HPLC supplies

Maintaining Your Agilent 1100 Series HPLC System
Optimize performance and maximize efficiency in your lab.

Maintaining Your Agilent 1100 Series HPLC System
Optimize performance and maximize efficiency in your lab.
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Introduction Section 1: Manual Injection Valves Replacement Rotor Seals and Stators Sample Loops Section 2: Autosampler Maintenance Injection Valve Needle/Needle Seat Autosampler Parts and Supplies Section 3: Pump Maintenance Purge Valve Outlet Ball Valve Active Inlet Valve (AIV) Seals and Pistons Pump Head Parts and Supplies Solvent InletFilters In-Line Filters Capillary Connectors Section 4: Detectors VWD Lamp Changing the Deuterium Lamp VWD Flow Cells DAD Lamp DAD Flow Cells Section 5: General Supplies LC Tubing Connectors Vials and Caps Crimpers and Decappers Sample Preparation Solutions Econofilters LC columns, chromatograms and applications online


As a customer of Agilent Technologies,the leader in chemical analysis, you have complete access to over 35 years of industry knowledge and experience. With a wide range of technical know-how and a neverending supply of ideas, Agilent is a full resource for your lab. We can help you solve the most challenging application problems, at any time. This is why we created Maintaining Your HPLC System. It’s designed to help you keep your HPLCsystem running at optimal performance, and reveals how to ensure your manual injection valves, autosampler, pump, and detectors work at maximum efficiency. As a result, you’ll expand your system’s hours of continuous operation, decrease downtime, and increase productivity. Inside you’ll find essential information about Agilent ’s 1100 Series HPLC consumables and accessories. You’ll discoverimportant maintenance procedures and troubleshooting tips. Plus you’ll have all the Agilent part numbers you’ll need— in one easy-to-use reference guide.

“We build our HPLC systems from the ground up and provide our customers with genuine replacement parts for that ‘PerfectFit’ for their Agilent instruments, as well as a wide variety of columns, consumables and supplies for their chromatographicneeds. We’re a great resource for all types of applications—in fact, we’re developing new ones every day. You might say that we are your partner in chromatography.”
Ron Majors, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry Writer, "Column Watch," LC/GC Magazine Product Marketing Specialist


Section 1

Manual Injection Valves
At Agilent Technologies, we work hard to understand and anticipate your needs—toensure trouble-free operation of your laboratory. As industry leaders, our chemical analysis experts provide you with PerfectFit supplies and services designed for consistent results and optimum performance from your analytical instruments. In this section, you’ll find the latest developments in LC injection valve technology along with part numbers and important maintenance information.

“Ourcustomers come to us with a wide range of challenging technical questions, even ones with answers that are not readily available. It may take some detective work, but in the end we find the best solutions, expanding our knowledge and skills in the process.“
Hai-Bin Wan, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry Technical Assist Chemist


Manual Injection Valves

Agilent offers innovative and high qualityvalves from Rheodyne with patented Make-Before-Break (MBB) technology that provides uninterrupted flow when switching between LOAD and INJECT positions. MBB greatly reduces transient pressure shocks and is beneficial for flow sensitive detectors, and MBB extends the lifetime of the columns.

Dual mode injectors can use both the partial-filling and the complete-filling mode for loading the...